How To Get Rid Of Odor In Shoes

Chances are that your boots have embarrassed you with a thick, cheese-like smell.

Some describe the smell like that of malt vinegar or distinctive putrid smell that has a sulfuric aroma that slaps every ones face within a forty meters radius causing relationship break-ups, family quarrels and awkward situations that may leave you embarrassed or lower your self-esteem.

To avoid such embarrassing situations below are ways that can help you erase such memories by getting rid of Shoe Odor.

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What Causes Smelly Shoes & Boots ?

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The main cause of smelly shoes is bacteria formed from sweat that has excessively accumulated in the shoe due to wearing the shoe for long hours without cleaning them.

The Type of material used by the designers of your shops causes’ foot odor e.g.

Synthetic material

Rubber soles

Plastic innersoles.

They are various Ways of getting rid of shoe odor using simple home remedies or industrial made treatment here are some of the ways:


Wash Your Shoes Regularly

Washing your shoes at least ones a week with hot water, soaps or detergents and placing them out door to dry up helps in killing the bacteria’s, some shoes can be washed by the washing machine or put inside a pillow case then cleaned in the washing machine.

use a boot scraper to remove dirt from the lower part of your shoe. Washing helps remove sweat and odor forming bacteria’s.Any shoes can undergo this procedure.

N.B. Airing of shoe once in a while may help get rid of shoe odor. Also remember to remove your boot laces while cleaning.


Sprikingly Baking Soda

You may not know this but the baking soda used in the kitchen may come in handy when you want to get rid of shoe odor.

Baking soda is a good deodorizer which works by absorbing bad odor in the shoe.

Baking soda should be left in the shoe overnight till morning, when removing your shoe from the shoe rank remember to remove the baking soda so as not to dirtify your socks with white powder.

You can repeat this process if the odor is not eliminated or do this process over again frequently.


Placing Shoes In The Freezer

Temperature in the freezer don’t allow the hosting of odor causing bacteria to survive with this in mind place the shoes in the freezer for one or two hours and then air them to ensure that the moisture is eliminated.

In order to avoid destroying your boot warmers or boot lacer don’t use this procure on either.

N.B. If you are using any other boots you can use the boot stretcher after you have competed the procedure above


Use Of Clean Socks

This is actually the simplest way of getting rid of bad odor by making sure that you wear clean sock every time you are wearing shoes. In spite the fashion essences of wearing shoes without socks may be tempting wearing can help get rid of bad odor.


Use Of Tea Bags

The bacteria living inside your shoes can be effectively be eliminated by use of tea bags. Tea bags contains tannins that helps kill the bacteria while absorbing the bad odor.

The above process can be done by placing tea bags in boiling water or using used tea bags. Place the tea bags in the shoes and leave them overnight. In the morning remove the tea bags and let the shoes dry.



The use of alcohol can really be quite useful since Alcohol has been proven to kill bacteria especially odor causing bacteria’s. Not only does alcohol kill the bacteria’s in your shoes it also helps you get rid of bad odor in your shoe.

As you have your drink remember to try socking of cotton wool in alcohol and leaving it in your shoes for a while for them to air out.

You can quote the shoe in alcohol and leave it to dry in an open place with sun shine remember not to put your shoes near a fire places least they will burn since alcohol is highly flammable you can use a boot dryer instead.

N.B. This procedure cannot be used on leather shoes since it may damage the leather.


Baby Powder

The next time you have smelly shoes and baby powder lying around just remember that baby powder is a good deodorizer and may help you get rid of bad odor in the shoe. You place the baby powder in the shoes and apply some to your feet when wearing the shoe.


Essential Oils

Some are found in our locals market that may be used to remove bad odor this includes eucalyptus, cloves and tea tree oil, either of this essential oils may come in handy when placed inside the shoe for a few hours to get rid of bad odor.


Orange Peels

The next time you eat an orange and your shoes have bad odor that you would love to get rid of just place the peel in the shoes overnight and remove the pills in the morning. The oranges would have reduced the smell in your shoes.

N.B. This process may be repeated often to get rid of bad odor in your shoes.


Kitty litter

Place kitty litter in old shoes and then place the socks in the smelly shoes, this helps get rid of bad odor by absorbing it. Repeat this procures every time you wear the shoes for better results.


Properly Washing Your Feet

It is essential to wash your feet regularly to get rid of bacteria, wash your feet with soap and always make sure that your feet are dry before wearing your shoe.

You should also wash between you toe since bacteria tend to hide their. Remember also to apply baby powder that will help eliminate bacteria’s in your feet’s.

These methods mentioned above will work efficiently if you follow up the procedures as indicated, always ensure proper feet hygiene.

You can also microwave your shoes to kill bacteria’s. So next time you are at a boot jack your will not hesitate to remove your boots and put them in the boot rank.


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