Clean Your Leather Boots With These Easy Steps

Hard working men and women rely on their work boots to stand up to the rigors of physical work and the resulting use and abuse that their footwear undergoes.

There is no substitute for a great pair of work boots and taking care of the leather will ensure that the boots are still delivering the best in quality and comfort for many years to come.

When cleaning leather boots, it is necessary to use the right materials and techniques in order to achieve the best way to clean boots.


Follow One Or More Of These Suggestions To Lengthen The Life Of Your Leather Boots When You Use The Proper Technique For How To Clean Boots.


Methods Of Cleaning Leather

When it comes to cleaning leather boots, there are a few methods that can be initiated to get the desired results.

The type of leather that is to be treated will have a large bearing on which method is chosen as well as the type of dirt or debris that is on the boot or shoe.

For instance, suede should never be cleaned with common or traditional leather cleaning products; it should be treated with a specialized cleaner or taken to a professional leather cleaning purveyor.

The most common method of how to clean leather boots also depends on the type of boots or shoes that are being cleaned such as cowboy boots, combat boots, hiking boots, and leather work boots.


The following suggestions on how to clean leather boots will give you all of the information you need to keep your feet’s best friend around for a long time to come.


How To Clean Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are an essential part of many a hard working individual’s work wear where they are put to the test with endless hours of mud, dirt, rough terrain, and other soggy and unfavorable conditions.

Keeping them clean can be accomplished in three easy steps:

  • Take out the shoestrings from the boots. Remove the excess dirt, mud, and debris from the surface with a wet damp sponge. For excessive amounts of mud, scrape the surface with a plastic spoon before wiping with the sponge.
  • Utilize a saddle soap to gently clean the dirt off of the boot. Work the soap into a good sudsy solution and completely treat the entire boot, concentrating on the heavier soiled areas.
  • Using a soft clean cloth, wipe the saddle soap off of the surface, removing all dirt and extra suds. Do not rinse the surfaces as the soap contains essential oils that will condition the leather of the boot. Allow to air dry, add color, remove scuffs, and dress the heels and soles before wearing.


How To Clean Combat Boots

Combat boots are put through a lot of dirty and harsh conditions that can be cleaned easily with a few steps.

  • Soak the boots in warm water for about 10 minutes. Remove the boots and drain off excess water.
  • Add some saddle soap to a container of hot water to dissolve.
  • Using a small stiff brush, dip the brush into the container of soap and brush the entire surface of the boot or shoe to remove the dirt.
  • Rinse off excess soap and allow to dry completely.


How To Clean Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are a great addition to an outdoors enthusiasts must have list. Dependable and sturdy footwear is subject to any number of sloppy and mud filled conditions.

To keep hiking boots in their best condition, use the following steps.

  • Remove the laces and clean all dirt and sand from cracks, crevices, and material areas of the exterior of the shoes with a small brush or toothbrush.
  • Utilizing a bucket or bowl of warm water, remove any extra dirt from the shoe with a wet brush or cloth.
  • Allow to fully air dry with newspaper inserts for support if necessary.


DIY Methods For Cleaning Leather

Many people prefer to use household items to clean their shoe and boot leather.

Some of these methods include:

  • Mild dishwashing soap-Helpful for loosening greasy deposits from leather.
  • Commercial cleaners-Available in many retail and boot purveyor locations, this type of cleaner comes in spray and cream form.
  • Water-Many cleanings can be done with the use of plain water and a soft rag.

Most instances of soiled or dirty boots can be taken care of easily at home when looking for the best way how to clean leather work boots.

Using one of these DIY methods will give you the clean and comfortable leather boots that will last you through many more work days, hikes, or missions.


How To Clean Leather Boots At Home

For those who are interested in learning how to clean leather boots at home, it is a relatively easy process that will lengthen the life of your boots so they can continue to protect your feet.

The most common and successful way to clean extremely dirty or well-worn boots is to use saddle soap or some type of equivalent by following the directions on the packaging of the soap.

The cleaning process is easy and can be done by anyone looking for the best way to clean boots.


How To Clean Suede Boots With Home Remedies

Suede is a delicate type of leather that deserves special attention when determining how to clean suede leather boots.

The process is nearly the same as cleaning other types of leather, but the cleaning agents used are specifically formulated for the suede material.

When brushing suede to remove dirt, it is important to brush in one direction. To remove scuffs, utilize a back and forth motion. Stubborn marks may be removed with a pencil eraser.

It is important to clean your leather boots or shoes to not only keep them looking their best, but to lengthen the life of the leather so that you have great leather shoes and boots to wear for years to come.

When looking for the best ways of cleaning leather boots, follow these easy instructions to clean and protect your boots or shoes from the damaging effects of everyday wear.

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