Break Your Boot’s “Spirit” With These Tips And Tricks For How To Break In Leather Boots

Break Your Boot’s “Spirit” With These Tips And Tricks

For How To Break In Leather Boots

A long and tough day on the job often leaves workers with a body full of aches and pains to take home with them.



The workday seems to be longer and harder on a person’s feet than any other part of their body.


Aching and painful feet can keep otherwise normally active people from fully enjoying their lives due to the lack of mobility and the time it takes for breaking in leather boots.

Wearing a great pair of work boots will eliminate the negative effects that a worn out pair of boots can have on the feet and the back by the end of the day.


Too often, when a new pair of boots are purchased, they require a “break in” period which can sometimes be a negative experience and a painful annoyance to the wearer all day long.

To avoid this type of situation, try out these tips and tricks for the easiest ways to how to break in boots and avoid torturing tired feet.

Best Ways To Breaking In New Boots


Towels Make Great Fillers When Breaking In New Boots

Rolled up towels are an effective method of breaking in boots at no cost.

Depending on the type of boot that is being broken in, use an appropriately sized towel that is rolled up tight to stuff the new boots as full as necessary to hold their shape when not being worn.

how to break in boots

Simply roll the towels up as tightly as possible and insert them into the foot, ankle, or leg of the boot to be stretched when using this method of how to break in new boots.

Leave the towel in the boot anywhere from a few hours to overnight for the best results.

Rolling up towels and standing them tightly in the boots can also help to hold the boot’s shape when they are not being worn.


Use Thick Socks

Giving new boots a little extra room can be done over a length of time when they are worn with extra thick or multiple pairs of socks.

how to break your foot at home

Adding layers around the foot will take up extra room within the boot and force the leather to stretch to accommodate the extra volume.

After the appropriate amount of stretching has been achieved, the wearer can cease wearing the multiple layers of socks and enjoy the comfortable fit of their new boots.


Create A Rubbing Alcohol Spritzer

Concoct a mixture of one part water to one part rubbing alcohol and pour into a bottle with a spray nozzle when trying this best way to break in boots.

best way to break in boots

Use the misting setting on the sprayer to deliver an even layer of mixture over the entire area that is to be broken in.

This spraying should leave the area moist but not saturated. Boots can be worn immediately or they can be stuffed with a sturdy and absorbent material to mold a slightly larger boot size.


Heat Them Up

Applying heat to many materials makes them more pliable and easier to stretch; leather being one of these materials.

Using a common hair dryer, slowly warm up the leather to a pliable state and then stuff with a stretching material such as newspaper or towels.

breaking in leather boots

Let the boots rest and cool before attempting to wear the heated material when attempting this method of how to break in leather shoes.

It may also be beneficial to use a moistening method before stuffing new boots and then incorporating the hair dryer as a setting agent for the leather boots.


Soften With Water

There are many different types of leathers that each react individually to certain treatments; water being one of those treatments.

Spraying the leather with a warm water bottle will give the leather pliability and the ability to stretch for easier breaking.

breaking in boots

Once the desired area has been adequately moistened, use a stuffing material to hold the shape and desired stretch in the new leather.

Beware that water may damage some leathers when breaking in hiking boots by causing them to dry out, become brittle, and crack.


Condition The Leather

An easy way to soften the leather on a new pair of boots is to use a commercial leather conditioner when breaking in new work boots.

This type of conditioner can be found at shoe stores and in many drug and retail stores as well.

breaking in leather boots

These conditioners add moisture and oils to the leather to make it soft and pliable to aid in the stretching and breaking in of tight or stiff boots.

Because leather is animal skin, it stands to reason that a leather conditioner will soften the leather so that it will stretch easily.

Once the conditioner is applied to the boots, they can be stuffed and left to dry or they can be worn immediately for a conformed foot and ankle area when you use this method of how to break in boots.


Take Them Along To Work

There is no better place to try something out than in the environment in which it will be utilized.

best way to break in boots

Bringing a new pair of boots to work will give the wearer the opportunity to swap out footwear if it becomes uncomfortable or painful when breaking in leather boots.

When only wearing the new boots for a limited amount of time each day, it will allow for a gradual stretching and adjusting to the new materials of the boots, with minimal pain or discomfort from breaking in new work boots.


Utilize The Warranty

Boots and clothing are hand made and therefore subject to slight variations in size from one pair of boots or piece of clothing to another.

It is wise to invest in boots that carry warranties for their construction so that in the instance that the fit is incorrect. they can be easily returned to the manufacturer for a better fitting size.

It is necessary that workers who are on their feet for many hours a day replace their worn and uncomfortable boots on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the highest quality footwear is often uncomfortable and restricting when first worn. To avoid unpleasant and painful issues with hot spots, pinches, and tightness, it is necessary to take the time to learn the best way to break in boots before wearing them for extended periods of time.

By incorporating one or more of these easy methods when learning how to break in leather boots, feet can be saved from being beat up by the very things that are designed to keep them comfortable and safe.

A great fitting boot can be the worker’s best friend when broken in by one of these easy methods.

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