Five Features To Evaluate When You Shop for a New Pair of Boots

When you choose new boots, you should focus on a particular style of boots.

The best boots for you may not be a trendy style with a popular brand name because a boot must fit around the calf of your leg.

If you want comfortable boots, then you should choose a style that has a relaxed fit. Tight boots can become uncomfortable after a few hours because your feet and legs will swell.

You should consider five important features on a new pair of boots:

  • Width of the insoles
  • Length of the shafts
  • Width of the shafts
  • Curve of the vamps
  • Surface of the soles



bootWidth of the Insoles

You should choose styles that have a wide insole because you will be able to cushion your feet with a pair of socks.

The shaft will prevent the wide boot from sliding off your foot. Some styles have a zipper on the shaft, which will permit you to slide your foot into the vamp without also being required to slide your foot down a very narrow shaft.


bootsLength of the Shafts

If you choose boots that have a short shaft, then you will be able to move your legs more easily.

A longer shaft will severely restrict your movements.

You may be able to wear more styles that have a short shaft because the calf of your leg will not fit inside a long shaft on a tall boot.

A short boot will provide less protection from snow than a very tall boot.


shoesWidth of Shafts

Many styles are available with different widths for the shafts such as wide shafts that will accommodate the large size of muscular legs.

The width of the shaft is very important because there will be friction between your leg and the shaft on the boot.

If a shaft is tight, then you may experience chafing, which could cause blisters and abrasions on the calf of your leg.

A short boot may be a better choice for you if you have very muscular legs.


shoeCurve of the Vamps

The vamps could severely restrict the movements of your feet while you are walking or when you bend your feet while you are seated behind a desk.

Comfortable boots should have loose vamps, which will permit you to easily flex and bend your feet.

A vamp does not need to be snug because a shaft will prevent your foot from sliding out of a boot.


footwareSurface of the Soles

The soles should not be smooth because you will not have enough friction for traction.

A smooth, hard sole will cause problems on icy sidewalks and also on marble floors.

You could slide across a slick porch or slide down a stairwell.

A soft sole will attract less attention because a hard sole will make a clicking sound while you walk across a hardwood floor.

The best boots for you should be comfortable and should have features that will protect your feet and legs.

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  1. I don’t buy new shoes often, so this is some great advice about how to find the perfect pair. You made a good point about carefully considering the width and the length of the shaft. I plan on walking a lot this summer, so I need to find the most comfortable boots I can. I will need to make sure I pay attention to all these details when I try them on. Personally, I like to wear long pants with my boots, so I will look for a short, wide shaft that I can tuck my pants into.

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