How to Get Creases Out of Leather Shoes

How do you remove creases from shoes?

Leather shoes look smooth and sleek when they are brand new, but after a few months of walking around in them it is not uncommon for creases to develop.

How do you remove creases from shoes


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These creases can be unsightly and in some cases can even cause discomfort if the leather bows into your foot.

Thankfully, you can quickly and effectively remove the creases and restore your shoes to looking brand new with a little bit of ironing and ingenuity.

This article will teach your everything you need to know about how to get creases out of leather shoes.

What You will Need


Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1

The first thing to do is to crumple up your packing paper and stuff it inside the cardboard shoe inserts in order to give them some stiffness. Once they are packed, stuff the inserts into the shoes, making sure that each insert goes into the correct foot based on its orientation. These inserts will prevent the leather from returning to its original, creased shape after you are finished ironing.


Step 2

Fill the iron reservoir with water and plug it in to allow it to heat up to the proper temperature. Typically, setting the iron to medium heat is sufficient for ironing the leather without burning it. While you are waiting, unlace the shoes and put the laces off to the side so they do not get burned with the iron.


Step 3

Moisten a few wash cloths and place them over the toe boxes of your shoes – these will help to prevent the leather from being burned while you iron. To be extra cautious, pour some additional water over the creased areas where you plan to spend the most time with the iron.


Step 4

Begin ironing the creased areas of the leather through the cloth. Use the steam generously to keep the cloths moist as you go so that the leather does not dry out and burn.


Step 5

Allow the leather to cool for around 30-60 minutes, leaving the moist cloths on top of the shoes so the cooling process does not occur dramatically fast. Alternatively, you can place the shoes in the dryer on tumble dry with low heat. If you choose to do this, it is best to check on the shoes every 10 minutes so that they do not get overly hot.


Step 6

Once the shoes are dry, you’ll want to apply some leather shoe polish to refinish and protect the leather as well as to restore some shine to your newly uncreased shoes.

Whenever you’re working with leather shoes, it is extremely important to avoid overheating the leather so as not to burn and damage it. However, with your iron on a low to moderate temperature setting and keeping wet cloths over the leather, you should be able to heat the leather enough to stretch it without overdoing it.


Preventing creases

Ideally, you should take preventative maintenance steps to avoid developing creases in the first place.

First of all, it is important to reduce the strain you put on the toe box of the shoe.

This means using a shoe horn when putting them on or taking them off, so that you are not leveraging the toe of the shoe to get your foot in or out.

It also means slowing down when putting shoes on or taking them off, taking the time to move them gently forward or back rather than angling them against your foot.


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Another step you can take is to keep the shoes safe when not wearing them.

Putting cardboard inserts or crumpled up cardboard paper in the toe boxes when you are done using the shoes can help restore them to their uncreased shape.

In addition, if you are traveling with the shoes, make sure that there is no other luggage putting pressure on the toe box.

Finally, polishing your shoes frequently can help extend how long they will last before developing creases.

The more frequently you wear the shoes, the more frequently the leather will need to be treated and polished to keep them in good shape.

In addition, keep your shoes away from extreme heat or extreme cold whenever possible to avoid compromising the leather material, which can lead to more frequent creases.



Creases in leather shoes can be an unsightly sign of extended wear, but thankfully it is possible to iron out wrinkles with a simple household iron.

With a few simple steps, you can make your shoes look brand new and wear them proudly as the center point of your outfit.

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If you used the ironing method described above to get creases out of your leather shoes, we would love to know how it went for you in the comments section below.

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