Skechers Womens Work Boots Reviews

Product Name:Skechers 76497
Material :Leather & Rubber sole
Feature:Slip Resistant Outsole
Colors :2
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Comfort And Style Are The “Kickers”

These Skechers For Work Women’s 76497 Raffish Steel Toe Boots

Skechers for Work Women’s 76497 Raffish Steel Toe Boot is your solution to style, comfort, and protection for your feet on the job.


Regardless of the industry that you work in, your feet need to be protected and Skechers has been protecting them since 1992.


When you check out the skechers boots you will see that these quality hand assembled will comfortably protect your feet so you can keep your mind on your job and not on your feet.


What Makes The Skechers For Work Women’s 76497 Raffish Steel Toe Boot So Special?

skechers boots for womenThe Skechers for Work Women’s 76497 Raffish Steel Toe Boot is a quality constructed boot that is made to withstand the rugged wear and abuse that today’s working women put them through.


They are constructed of the highest grades of rubber, leather, steel, and superior cushioning materials.


The boots are constructed with a 1″ heel on a 3/4″ rubber sole to offer superior shock absorption for those jobs that require standing and traveling on concrete and other hard surfaces all day.


The solid sole construction offers the ultimate in durability from cracking and wear.

Adding to the benefits of the solid sole is the patterned bottom which attributes to the boot’s non-slip characteristics, adding to the safety toe of this boot.


Available in two colors, dark brown and wheat, you can choose the color that best suits your uniform, coveralls, or average clothing color.


When you wear these skechers work boots your feet will remain comfortable, protected, and energized. In fact, these boots are so stylish that they even look great with a pair of jeans for casual wear or for working around your home and yard.


What Materials Are The Skechers Women’s Work Boots Made From?


To create a great piece of durable footwear, it requires the best materials.


These sketchers work boots are made of highest quality materials and created with the most skilled of craftsmanship.


These superior materials are the reason for the success of these great boots.


For these skechers womens work boots, the materials include such things as:


  • Real leather– This material allows the boot to “breathe” so that your feet stay dry and comfortable.
  • Rubber sole– The high grade rubber used to create the sole of these skechers work boots is slip-resistant and shock absorbent.
  • High grade steel– These steel toe boots offer ultimate protection from falling objects and jammed toes.
  • Secure stitching– The combination of single, double, and triple stitching assures quality construction and durability.
  • Quality construction– The materials used for the eyelets and lace hooks are of the most durable metal to assure that the eyelet will stay in place for the life of your boot and the hooks will not pull off of the boot leaving you unable to lace your boot properly.
  • Color choice– With the choice of two colors, these boots can be purchased to correspond with the type of work that is to be done.


Women with jobs that tend to be more greasy and dirty such as an engineer or mechanic may lean toward the darker boot, while women who work in a cleaner environment such as a food production facility or indoor factory may prefer the lighter wheat color of skechers womens work boots.


How Do These Skechers Work Boots Stand Up To Rugged And Abusive Wear?

Many of the jobs that women hold in the working world today are far from being dainty and feminine in nature.


They require not only a woman who is tough enough to hold her own in a perhaps male dominated field, they also require that your apparel be just as tough and rugged.


Starting from the bottom, the soles of these boots are constructed from the highest grade oil-resistant formed rubber to assure steadiness on the most slippery of surfaces.


The body of the boot is covered with skechers work slip resistanthigh quality breathable leather to ensure dryness and comfort as well as being visually pleasing.


The heavy duty eyelets and thick braided shoelaces are built to withstand even the tightest of situations.


The eyelet hooks on the top of the boot allow for easy lacing and unlacing of the boot for easy inserting or removing of your foot.


The ankle portion of this boot is constructed to allow for ultimate support while providing the utmost in comfort from the built-in padding.


The final and perhaps most important element of these boots in this skechers work boots reviews is the safety factor.


Even though women want to look great, it is still the most important to keep yourself and your feet safe.


That is why skechers work slip resistant boots are a great option for those industrious jobs.


The solid rubber sole, tough leather body, and dependable hardware are only coverings for the superior steel toe construction that lies underneath to keep your toes from being crushed, smashed, and stubbed.


When it comes to the safety of your feet, this skechers work boot review proves that this boot delivers everything it promises at a great price.


Are The Skechers Womens Work Boots A Good Value?

When it comes to value, there are few things to look at. First are the materials; skechers womens work boots are constructed of the highest quality materials to assure long lasting quality and durability on the job site.


Second is the construction; these skechers work boots are made using high compression molding for a sturdy and seamless construction of the skechers work slip resistant sole.


The re-enforced stitching assures durability under the most stressful of job situations and the steel toe keeps your feet safe from potential crushing and injury.

skechers womens work boots

The third factor in the value of these skechers work boots is the comfort that you will enjoy from the cushy insole to the thick cushion backing on the heel and calf areas.


All of these factors from this skechers work boots reviews come together in the form of these incredibly comfortable, safe, and stylish boots that are well worth their value in price.


The Pros:

  • These skechers womens work boots are comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time on the hardest of surfaces.
  • The upper ankle support is superior in protecting the wearer from twisting or injuring the ankle during extensive work.
  • These skechers boots for women are lightweight for effortless long-time wear.

The Cons:

  • Customer reviews point out that these skechers womens work boots run a little big in sizing. This can be eliminated by ordering a half or a size smaller or wearing thicker socks with these boots.
  • These skechers work boots are lightweight for industrial use but may be slightly heavy for everyday lightweight work conditions.


When it comes to the value of a work boot, there are a number of factors to consider.


When looking over the skechers work boots reviews, the Skechers for Work Women’s 76497 Raffish Steel Toe Boot is a perfect fit for the woman in need of a quality pair of steel toe work boots for their demanding field of work.


With quality materials, superior construction, important safety features, comfort, and style, these skechers work slip resistant boots are the perfect fit for any woman to step into the rugged side of the “get your hands dirty” kind of work.

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