Timberland Boots- US Based Fashion Brand

Timberland Boots- US Based Fashion Brand

Timberland is a US based fashion brand,

That manufacturer’s outdoor footwear’s.

The company is based in Stratham, New Hampshire.


Timberland Boot Company History

Timberland specializes in the production of long lasting environment friendly gear for the outdoors.

Timberland products include footwear’s for women, men and kids, as well apparel and other accessories such as watches, socks and hats.


Timberland was founded in 1918 by Nathan Swartz, who began working as an apprentice stitcher.

In 1952, Swartz bought 50% interest in Abington Shoe Company. In 1965, the company upgraded its production line by introducing a new injection molding technology for making footwares.

This technology enabled the company to produce waterproof boots that could withstand tropical and cold weather.


The company moved its manufacturing unit to New Hampshire in 1969.

In 1973, the company was renamed Timberland.

The popular Timberland Pro series of work boots by this company were unveiled in 1998.


In 2011, the company went into a merger with VF Corporation in a deal worth around $2 billion.


Technology And Work boots

Timberland work boots are designed using different technologies, including: TiTAN Composite Safety Toe, Alloy Safety Toe, Steel Safety Toe and Composite Safety Toe.


Timberland Work Boots

The design of Timberland boots are inspired by its rich New England heritage, as well as the outdoors lifestyle that include city street and rugged wooden terrain lifestyles.


Men’s boots are available in various product lines including; Direct Attach, Hyperion, Helix, Pit Boss, Bondock And TiTAN.


The two types of Timberland Pro series boots for women are the Alloy Toe and the Soft Toe.

These boots are available in saddle brown, grey, tan, gold and black colors.

Timberland operates a number of manufacturing and retail stores in the US and Canada. This is in addition to other Timberland stores found around the world.