Justin Boots – Touch Of Superior Craftsmanship

Justin Boots – Touch Of Superior Craftsmanship

Justin Boots is a US based: Western and equine footwear manufacturer.

The company was founded in 1879 by H.J Justin.


Justin Boots is fully owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The company headquarters are in Fort Worth Texas.

Justin Boot Company History

Joe Justin began his shoe making career in Gainesville Texas. The company adopted the name J. Justin & Son’s in 1908.

In 1925, the company moved its manufacturing base to Fort Worth, TX.

In 1968 the company went on a merger with Acme Brick Company and in 1981 and 1990, Justin boots acquired Novona Boot Company and Tony Lama Boots respectively.


Boot Types And Technology

Justin boots are handcrafted by seasoned boot-makers using only the highest quality materials.

The boots are all-individually stitched using superior craftsmanship to enhance user comfort.


The technology behind the long lasting men’s Justin boots include Waterproof, Electric Hazard, Achilles Relief System, Flame Resisting, MetGuard, Steel Toe and Insulated.

Electric Hazard boots are targeted at those workers who work in environments that expose them to electric currents.


Electric Hazard work boots can provide protection to open electrical currents of up to 18,000 volts.

A popular collection EH rated work boots for men include the Rugged Bay Gaucho J-Max Lace Up and the Rugged Tan Gaucho J-Max Lace-Up Steel Toe Workboots.


The technologies used to manufacture women’s work boots include; Non-metallic, Waterproof and Steel Toes technologies.


The Waterproof Technology Allows Users To Work in Mud, Rain And Muck.

Justin work boots for women are designed using different styles such as Wellington/Pull-On Work boots, 6-inch lace up work boots and the All-Handcrafted USA Work boots.

Popular collection of the Wellington/ Pull-On work boots includes the Brown Waxy Stampede Steel Toe workboots and the Camo Real-Tree Justin Gypsy Waterproof Steel-Toe Work boots.

Justin work boots for women, men and kids can be purchased online in a number of retail stores including Amazon.com