What should a buyer know about working on concrete?

We all know what concrete is. It is the material we make sidewalks and driveways from. It is used to build interstate highway systems. It is used to create signs and foundations for buildings. It keeps our feet clean and dry in contrast to walking in what existed before the concrete.


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So, concrete is good; right?

Well, that all depends on your viewpoint. If you are the end user, yes, concrete is wonderful.


if you are the worker pouring that concrete or walking on it while constructing a building, your feet may have an entirely different opinion.

It is exhausting and painful to work on concrete for an 8- to 12-hour work day. Walking all day long is painful no matter what the surface; but walking on concrete all day can cause major damage to feet, legs and joints in the lower body.

How to Choose The Best Boots for Concrete Workers

If you work more than two hours a day on a concrete surface, you should wear a pair of boots made just for working on concrete. Many people think any boots made for hard surfaces will do, but concrete is harder than almost anything.

There are two types of boots to consider:

  • Boots designed for working ON hard concrete, and
  • Boots designed for working IN concrete.

Boots for working IN concrete

If your job involves wading in wet cement before it cures, you need a rubber boot that is both comfortable and watertight. You obviously do not want any water, rock, or cement mix to get inside your boots. You also want the boots to be easy to clean when you get done working, preferably with a hose and not your hands.

Boots for working ON concrete

If your job involves walking ON hardened concrete, you need boots with solid ankle support, superior shock absorbing characteristics, and extraordinary comfort. A good pair of insoles can add even greater comfort to the arches, instep and heels.

Available Options

  • High quality midsole with extra cushioning
  • Proper arch support for your feet
  • High quality insoles (consider custom orthotics, which are molded to your feet)
  • Padded tongues
  • Solid ankle support
  • Shock absorbing capabilities
  • Padded collar
  • Easy-clean surfaces


Irish Setter Men’s 83605 6″ Work Boot

The Irish Setter Men’s 83605 6” Work Boot features a very traditional work boot design made from extra durable materials. The full-grain leather upper, triple-stitched moc-toe, sturdy metal eyelets with lace-up closure, extra comfortable padded collar, easy-on pull tag, extra durable Goodyear welt construction rubber sole, and removable foot bed are designed for all-day comfort.

Pros Cons
· Welt construction rubber sole · Reports that sole separates from boot within months
· Full-grain waterproof leather · Run small
· Removable polyurethane foot bed · Waterproofing fails
· Meets ASTM Electrical Hazard standards
· Heat-resistant outsole – resistant to melting up to 475 degrees


Timberland PRO Men’s 52562 Endurance 6″ PR Work Boot

The Timberland PRO exclusive Anti-Fatigue Technology superior shock absorbing system converts and transfers energy to key areas on the foot, providing stability and stamina for extra-long days on your feet.

Contoured insole offers superior support at pressure point and impact zones like the heel and ball of the foot. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you have 30 days to return them, no questions asked.

Pros Cons
· Puncture-resistant plate offers flexible underfoot protection · Reports that waterproofing fails within first month
· Full-grain leather for comfort and durability · Stitching comes loose within first month
· Cement construction for flexibility and break-in time · Made in China
· Mesh antimicrobial lining provides odor control and comfort
· Slip, oil, and abrasion resistant outsoles
· Electrical Hazard protection
·Steel toe shaped on a TiTAN last for protection and superior fit


Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boot

No more cramped, pinched feet. The Wolverine MultiShox insole absorbs shock and provides all-day comfort. Made of full-grain leather, Raider Boots are slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant, and have a breathable mesh lining.

Pros Cons
· Made in America · Very uncomfortable
· Contour welt construction · Sole comes apart and squeaks
· Polyurethane midsole · Very tight
· MultiShox rubber lug outsole · No cushion at all
· Slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant · Company claims all are made in America, but the boots came with a “Made in China” label
· Full-grain leather · Complaint boots did not last 3 months, but Company refused to honor warranty
· Top-quality leather · Top lace hooks pulled out the first time they were laced up
·  Fit true to size


Golden Fox Men’s 6″ Plain Toe Wedge Pro Lightweight Industrial Construction Work Boot

This well-priced work boot offers a lot of bang for your buck. The durable oil full-grain leather is water-repellant and softens with use. The dual density insole and shock absorbing heel cushion offer superb lower back and leg support all day long.

The lightweight polyurethane outsole is resistant to oil and chemical erosion and provides superior traction and support when working on concrete.

The insulated lining fabric is designed to wick sweat and moisture away, preventing odors and providing warmth during inclement weather.

The Goodyear Welt Industrial Work Boot Construction prevents separation of the sole and will allow you to resole the boots when they need it.

Pros Cons
·  Comfortable leather ·  Run a little big
·  Genuine leather tag
·   Well-built


Muck Boot Men’s Grit Work

The Muck Boot men’s grit work boot was designed for the demanding work performed at farms, ranches, and construction jobs. The overlay is made from a puncture-resistant rubber, which is extremely flexible.

A 5mm layer of CR flex-foam covered with a second layer of PK mesh offers comfort and superior air circulation.

A rubber cup outsole has been added for improved shock absorption and grip on wet concrete floors. Excellent comfort when standing for long periods of time.

Pros Cons
·  Durable · Difficult to remove
· Good fit
· Comfortable in cold weather


There is no question that concrete workers need boots made specifically for their job duties.

While the boots I reviewed seemed to be constructed similarly, the only one that met the challenges time and again was the Golden Fox Men’s 6″ Plain Toe Wedge Pro Lightweight Industrial Construction Work Boot. Not only durable, but frequently complemented for appearance, Golden Fox has created a true work boot for today’s construction trade – affordable and dependable.

For those working IN concrete,

the Muck Boot Men’s Grit Work Boot leads the pack.

Offering superb fit,

steel toes,


and warmth, these neoprene boots feel like slippers.

If you work IN or ON concrete, The right work boots are essential to protecting your feet,Legs, & hips from injury caused by walking on the hardest surface in the world all day long.

Concentrate on finding a boot with extra cushioning in the insole, proper arch support for your feet, a padded tongue, ankle support, superior shock absorbing capabilities, a padded collar, and an easy-clean surface.

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